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We Provide High Quality Evidence Based Clinical Research and Training for Sustainable Development

Mbale Clinical Research Institute (MCRI) was established as a research unit within Mbale Regional Referral Hospital that progressively developed by undertaking several clinical and biomedical research projects. 

MCRI Background

The Institute is grateful to funders, partners, collaborators, etc. that include but not limited to Uganda Minis

MCRI was founded in 2008 in response to the need for evidenced based clinical guidelines. Together with various partners at different stages in its development, the MCRI has remained focused on clinical research as an ingredient on which to inform development of clinical guidelines in East Africa and similar settings in the region and beyond.



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Expert Staff

Why Choose Us

Laboratory Services

Highly qualified professionals with a focus on cutting-edge personalized diagnostics that leverages the decades of clinical laboratory and research experience within the institute laboratory.

Clinical Trials

Mbale Clinical Research Institute conducts a series of clinical trials focusing on in-patient hospital care and out-patient healthcare

Accounts Department

the lifeblood of all organizations and the common denominator by which most business performance is measured both internally and externally

Data Management Services

The main goal of DMC is to achieve high-quality data that is reliable and creditable. This is achieved by setting processes and policies around its usage and building confidence in the data used for decision-making

ICT Management

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department drives all the research institute’s technology and Infrastructure i.e., ICT Operations, R & D, and ICT Strategy.

Community Engagement

Mbale Clinical Research Institute conducts a series of clinical trials focusing on in-patient hospital care and out-patient healthcare

Capacity Building

MCRI’s training and capacity building program embraces a multi-dimensional approach to sustainable research and administrative development.

PPDA Capacity

MCRI has built PPDA Capacity which stands for Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority to harmonize the procurement and disposal policy systems and practices

Our Lab Certification

Our Expert Team

Ten African early-to-mid career scientists will be trained through a comprehensive, practical and hands-on Master’s in Science training in infectious disease epidemiology.

Joseph Baluku

Patience Birungi

Mathias Ngobi Bogere

Micheal Mandeje

Grace Nabaggala Ssanyu

Edity Namyalo

Marble Nasasira

Charles Benard Okalebo

William Okiror

Godfrey Opolot

Joseph Oposhia

George Paasi

Allen Namala

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