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Clinical and Biomedical Research

Completed projects


The Transfusion and Treatment of severe Anaemia in African Children (TRACT) is a randomised controlled Trial. TRACT is evaluating three different ways to reduce short and longer-term mortality and morbidity following admission to hospital with severe anaemia in African children.

TRACT will therefore compare three different ways that outcomes could be improved:

• Liberal transfusion (30ml/kg whole blood) versus conservative transfusion (20ml/kg) versus no transfusion (control). The control is only for children with uncomplicated severe anaemia (haemoglobin 4-6 g/dl);

• Post-discharge multi-vitamin multi-mineral supplementation (including folate and iron) versus routine care (folate and iron) for 3 months;

• post-discharge cotrimoxazole prophylaxis for 3 months versus no prophylaxis.


Gastroenteritis aggressive versus slow treatment for rehydration (GASTRO). Gastroenteritis is a very common cause of diarrhea and vomiting. It is most likely to be caused by a bacterial or viral stomach infection and is particularly common in young children. This trial study is conducted at MCRI. In some cases, it can cause severe dehydration, a condition that requires immediate medical treatment. Worldwide, an estimated 2.5 billion cases of acute gastroenteritis causing diarrhea and vomiting occur every year in children under 5 years.