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Clinical Trials

Mbale Clinical Research Institute conducts a series of clinical trials focusing on in-patient hospital care and out-patient healthcare. Notably evidence based research involving molecular laboratory work, infectious diseases, emergency paediatrics, and community engagement. The approach that we have used emphasizes on high quality research, local capacity building of human resources, infrastructure and equipping of the key research stations.

This approach has led to collaborations with both national and international partners including Mbale Regional Referral Hospital, Busitema University, KEMRI Wellcome Trust, JCRC, MUJHU, etc. We are dedicated to delivering the highest research quality and services. Over the years, MCRI’s portfolio has gradually expanded to include different studies involving Severe Anaemia, Severe Pneumonia, Hydroxyurea with SCA, Severe Hypoxia, Malaria, HIV alongside many other major studies.

Current news!

BBC NEWS captured the details on Uganda Blood Transfusion Trial that begins in Mbale Regional Referral Hospital. Click on the link below to watch the video

Uganda blood transfusion trial begins

Laboratory Services

Our Laboratory has brought together highly qualified professionals with a focus on cutting-edge personalized diagnostics that leverages the decades of clinical laboratory and research experience within the institute laboratory. MCRI Laboratory provides a wide range of safety and efficacy testing to the study participants for the different trials.

Community Engagement

From a national and international context, MCRI's key relationships with community helps to ensure that important research findings make a difference to local people and medical care throughout the region – and thus have an influence far beyond the geographic areas in which the institute operates.

Mbale Clinical Research Institute is committed to engaging with the local community, to discuss their research and to build mutual understanding and trust between the institute and the community by responding to various biomedical and clinical concerns.

By developing strong links with the immediate community, the institute can ensure that its activities and clinical trials are accepted and approved by local authorities and communities – a prerequisite for its long-term studies. Furthermore, the close collocation of research studies and application can aid in ensuring that its activities are focused on delivering practical benefits.

Data Management Services

MCRI Data Management Centre (DMC) is in charge of handling all the institute's data activities in clinical study trials at MCRI. The DMC upholds all the institute's core values including accuracy in clinical data captured and stored. Personnel take the lead and charge for coordinating and ensuring data entry, cleaning, storage and access. In addition, all data management personnel have been trained in study protocols, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) as well as Human Research Participants Protection (HRPP) to mention but a few.

ICT Management

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department drives all the research institute’s technology and Infrastructure i.e. ICT Operations, R & D and ICT Strategy. ICT is responsible for setting up enterprise systems as well as ensuring that the company ICT systems and network are fully operating on a day to day basis as well as protect the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of the data employed within the organization while providing value to the way we conduct research. From a broader view, the department handles research institute’s networks, servers, databases, security, and data, etc. in addition to building and maintaining enterprise systems to support the institute's research.

Administration and Finance

Our administration and management team support all of the clinical and research activities of MCRI. MCRI Administration has rationalized all the best-practice processes, procedures, and policies which are trademark of the department. This section of MCRI embraces Human resource services, Finance, Logistics and procurement, and ICT which has enormously contributed to the operational successes of the entire institute.